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Andrew Herbruck

I am honored and humbled by your trust in electing me Dean of the Detroit AGO.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a board member, Sub Dean, and look forward to working on behalf of our chapter. 

We as a chapter have the power to change lives through music and the organ.  However, no one person can do this alone.  It takes all of us contributing in large and small ways.  We as a Board are going to challenge you to reengage with your chapter.  I encourage everyone to attend our events, and bring friends.  You could change someone’s life.

Andrew Herbruck,  Dean Detroit Chapter AGO

Detroit Chapter Events

More than 100 Years of Education. 
Founded 1910 
Eighth Chapter of the AGO
Host of the 
2009 Regional Convention

Planning is underway for future meetings, concerts,
and recitals.
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